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Anastasia Voltchok was born into a world of music. Her maternal grandfather, Sergei Kozak, was a famous Ukrainian baritone as well as the director of the Kiev Philharmonic. It was natural, then, that Voltchok went on to study music, first at the Basel Music Academy in Switzerland, then at the University of Maryland where she became a Doctor of Musical Arts. Voltchok often paints while on tour, exhibiting her artwork in galleries as she performs with famous orchestras around Europe and worldwide. For Voltchok, art is an essential means of expression, because it expands her sensorial connection with the audience. Unlike music, Voltchok notes that art can be “seen by the eye or touched.”

Voltchok paints with acrylics, oils, and pastels on canvas. She applies a wide variety of colors and prefers smooth textures. Her subjects are simple but expressive, drawing on her extensive travel and personal experiences. For Voltchok, it is essential to “express the energy and the emotion of the moment.” It is a goal both noble and consistently met.

Next Exhibitions

Gallerie am Lindenhof
March 2017
Pfalzgasse 3, ch-8001, Zürich, Switzerland

Opening Reception: to be announced

Previous Exhibitions

Bologna, Italy: De Marchi Gallery - December 2015
Basel, Switzerland: M.Art Gallery - September 2015
New York, USA: Agora Gallery - June 2015
Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Galelrie Quint-Essences - November 2013